Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I come to Corkins rather than some other lodge in New Mexico or the Southwest?
To visit Corkins Lodge is to spend time in one of the most beautiful natural settings in the American West. Whether admiring the spectacular view of the Brazos cliffs from your cabin porch or the edge of the 1 acre fishing pond, hiking through the dramatic mountain landscape, or fishing on the 2-1/2 mile private stretch of the boulder-strewn Brazos River. There is no other place like it in the country. It really is a private national park, reserved for the few guests of the lodge.

What makes Corkins Lodge special?
Corkins Lodge is a peaceful, lovely retreat for anyone who wants to step outside of their daily life and into a beautiful slice of nature. The cabins have been lovingly built or restored to a warm, rustic simplicity, with everything you need, but nothing you don’t. We have amenities that will bring friends, family and loved ones together in fun, active ways; from the swimming pool to the gameroom, playground, horseshoe, bocci-ball and tether ball courts to hiking the whole wilderness landscape beyond the cabin circle. It is also special because of its unique history: you’re settling into a vision that begin nearly a century ago.

Because of our location in northern New Mexico we are an ideal place to include on a trip through the Southwest. Many of our guests spend their entire time without leaving our 1,600 acres, but if you want to venture out - or include us on an extended trip - there are many, many things to do nearby.

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What is there to do when I get there?
The Lodge is designed to be a place to relax and escape from all the demands and stresses of daily life. In The Commons you can swim in the pool, use the sauna, play tetherball, bocce ball and horseshoes. There is a playground for young children, and a gameroom with pingpong, fusball and a small pool table. The lodge is set in 1,600 acres of beautiful mountain wilderness, with a one-acre pond (for fishing) and 2-1/2 miles of the dramatic Brazos River reserved exclusively for Corkins Lodge guests - where you can fish, swim or relax. You can hike, lounge, explore, contemplate, or whatever else inspires you.

Do you provide any assistance with fly fishing?
Corkins Lodge has partnered with The Reel Life for their fishing expertise. You can try your own luck in the Fishing Lake or our River - or take advantage of their guides and fly fishing packages for our guests. Check their Fishing Reports before heading our way. Better yet: use their expert service to make your experience the very best. There are many other spectacular hishing sites located nearby, if you’re making the fly-fishing circuit through our area.

Is there anything to do that’s nearby?
Many of our guests spend their entire time without leaving our 1,600 acres, but if you want to venture out - or include us on an extended trip through the Southwest - there are many, many things to do nearby: What things can’t I do?
Corkins Lodge is designed as a peaceful, natural retreat, so you should remember to be considerate of other guests’ experience.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • You should leave home anything that will disturb others, such as loud stereo systems.
  • We have no cell phone service, so leave your cell phone behind.
  • You can (may) not climb the cliffs.
  • You can not use ATV’s or other motorized vehicles.
  • Hunting is not allowed on Lodge grounds.
  • All cabins are non-smoking. Guests can only smoke on cabin porches, for reasons of fire safety.
  • Please do not litter anywhere at the lodge. Those candy wrappers, coils of fishing line and soda cans are not what other people come to the Lodge to see!

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What do you provide?
(See “Activities” for more information on what we provide for recreation.)
  • Each cabin has all the linens and towels you will need, plus a fully-equipped kitchen.
  • We do have wireless access, but it is slow and intermittent, often disappearing for hours at a time after a particularly strong storm.
  • There are no televisions or phones, and cell phone will not work at the Lodge. however we do have a pay phone at the office.
  • The office has a small store with fishing accessories, T-shirts and hats, drinks, candy and a few other supplies.
  • Our store has a special selection of dry and wet flies, and fly fishing supplies that are appropriate for the Brazos River.
  • Board games are available for guests’ use at the office.
  • See the Activities pages for what there is to do while here.
What do I need to bring?
Bring all your own food. The kitchens are fully equipped for you to handle your own cooking. Nearby Chama - 20 miles from Corkins - has a number of restaurants in, as do Taos, Pagosa Springs and other destinations nearby. And the Cliffview Restaurant is walking distance away, though only open during summer season.

Bring seasonally-appropriate outdoor clothing. Layers of clothing work best to handle the range of temperatures that can happen during the day: summer days will range from the high-50’s (14C) at night to the mid-80’s (30C) during the day; winters can range from below 0 (-18C) at night to the 40’s (7C) during the day. In all seasons have comfortable, sturdy shoes. Also bring hats, sunglasses, sunblock, insect repellent, and your bathing suit/towel for the sauna and pool (or river).
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Where exactly are you in New Mexico?
We're at the terminus of Highway 512, about 7 miles east of its intersection with US-84, some 20 miles south of the New Mexico-Colorado border, and 100 miles north of Santa Fe. You can find us on Google Earth by searching for "Corkins Lodge, Chama, New Mexio." To be more precise we're about 8,000 feet above sea level (in The Commons) at latitude 36°44'35.94"N and longitude 106°26'15.89"W.

How do I get there?
have a look at the Getting Here page for a set of directions here from many nearby locales. Once you get to the turnoff of Highway 512 the the Last 7 Miles page clues you in to what you'll see during the last 7 miles of your ride.

We're planning a trip through the Southwest; if we include you as one of our stops is there anything to do nearby?
See our Nearby page to see a listing of some of the major attractions nearby. Better yet visit Google Maps to see all these laid out on a map of New Mexico/Colorado/Arizona.

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Rates, Reservations and Refunds

How much will it all cost?
Other than cabin rental and the cost of the food you bring, we have no hidden expenses. We work hard to maintain a "lean" profile, so we can keep expenses low.

How do I make a reservation?
We do things the old-fashioned way: call Philo to make your booking!

How far in advance should I make a reservation?
During the "high season" (May 15 - September 1) you should try to book at least 2 months in advance - especially if you're planning on reserving more than one cabin. In the off-season several weeks in advance sould do.

Occasionally we get last minute cancellations. If you'd like to get on our mailing list for last-minute openings, click here.

Is there a discount rate for an extended stay?
Yes. We often have writers, artists and retirees staying for a month or more. Contact Philo to make arrangements.

Is it cheaper in the off-season?
Yes. Our rates are reduced between October 1 and May 1. Check the Rates & Features page for the exact amounts.

Is there a booking fee for the cabins?
No. We no longer charge a booking fee.

Do I get a discounted rate if I'm a repeat visitor or if I refer someone to you?
Some of our guests - who've been returning for decades - do get a discounted rate, but for the most part we can't offer discounts for repeat business or referrals since we're already operating as close to a non-profit as you can get without being a non-profit(!)

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